How to optimize processes and reduce costs with Cloud nesting?

Do you need to improve your nesting efficiency?
Is your marker making process fast enough?
Are you seeking to win more contracts and increase capacity?

Download this e-guide to discover why fashion companies are using cloud nesting to reach their objectives!

Why cloud nesting?

Discover the main benefits of nesting in the cloud…

Which KPIs?

Discover the winning KPIs used by fashion manufacturers


Fast fashion has resulted in many changes for suppliers: orders are significantly smaller, as contractors request fewer quantities for each style, and the number of orders has dramatically multiplied as brands and retailers seek to renew collections more frequently by constantly introducing new products to satisfy changing consumer needs.

To maintain capacity levels fashion manufacturers are working with many more contractors, meaning they need to handle an ever-increasing number of markers and manage higher levels of complexity.

Learn how automatic cloud nesting helps you to maintain production speed and product quality while keeping costs under control.

In this ebook, you will discover:

  • The two main benefits of the cloud
  • A comparison study between cloud and offline nesting
  • Successful use cases: Why fashion manufacturers are using cloud nesting

accelerating the production process to deliver new products faster

“We are 17% faster in delivering our products to market. Automating the nesting and fabric consumption steps in our material preparation phase has reduced the amount of time needed for making markers by nearly 80%. As a result, we are able to decrease operational costs and redirect our marker makers towards more valuable activities like optimizing the consumption calculation of ruffles and flounces used in trimming. We now produce our products in 10 days whereas before it took us 12 days.”