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Make your own quick and easy up-front fabric consumptions.

  • Know your fabric needs at every moment.
  • Be faster in product development.
  • Be spot-on with procurement requirements.
Up-front and accurate fabric provisions
Having trouble keeping up with the pace?
Need to provide precise fabric consumptions early-on?

Break with the past
Give your pattern development teams the ability to make their own fabric estimates...easily, rapidly and accurately...without leaving their native patternmaking environment.
Ultra responsive provision forecasts
Calculate fabric use instantly after each pattern modification.
Consultation of consumption data anytime, from anywhere 24/7.


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«Our pattern-makers are now doing their own fabric consumption calculations with Quick Estimate. This reduces the marker-maker’s workload so that he can focus on production markers only.»
«The more markers we need to make, the higher the savings. With Quick Nest, we can save up to 80% on marking time.»
                    Riccardo Romani, Director of Production

La Redoute

« It would have been difficult for you to make it any easier! Less than a minute to do an estimate. There’s no comparison.»
« I don’t know how I did without Quick Estimate before. It’s already become an integral part of our development process.»    
                    Fatima Takayouate
, Patternmaker


«These new Cloud Apps are very easy to understand and to use.»
                    Kathie Gianquinto, Product Development Manager

Le Carpentier

«If I had made all of these markers in Diamino, it would have taken the whole morning. With Quick Estimate it took me only 20 minutes.»
                    Béatrice Dixneuf, Patternmaker


«Customer support via the portal is a very important advance. We can follow all of our requests and consult the historic of our exchanges.»
                     Fabrice Henneron, Studio Director